Winning Culture Building

Challenge and Solution

Building an effective organizational culture has been one of the key priorities of many companies for their sustainable growth. It is a pressing topic in today’s leadership and human resource management globally. This has been a challenge for leaders and HR managers in many organizations.

Organizational culture is directly related to the performance of employees. Therefore, many questions have been raised: “Why aren’t the employees’ attitudes and their performance improved after a company has made changes and applied a number of solutions?” , “How to better engage employees so that they deliver better results aligned with organizational mission and strategy?”, “How to create a positive and productive work environment for teams?”

And the most important question is: “Why do so many enterprises endeavor to build a high-performance organizational culture, but only few of them succeed?”

FranklinCovey, the global leader in the areas of leadership development, execution excellence, performance improvement and culture transformation after many years of research and analysis, has found fve core reasons for the failure to build an effective company culture:
(1) Lack of an in-depth understanding of the culture and its importance
(2) Lack of a clear vision for the organizational culture
(3) Lack of a proper and optimal methodology to build culture
(4) Lack of a specific solution to execute the methodology
(5) Lack of determination and perseverance in the process of building organizational culture.



“Winning Culture Building” consulting project addresses the said root causes. Specifically, the project aims to gain an
insight into culture and its signifcant role in sustainable development. Participants will also explore a proven methodology based on universal values and timeless principles to build their organizational culture. They will also be provided with specifc solutions to translate this methodology into reality.


A long-term training and consulting “Winning Culture Building” project helps organizations overcome the fve challenges and includes the following steps:
  • Analysis: Assessing and analyzing the current state of the organizational culture, leaders’ cultural goals and expected outcomes.
  • Training: Providing mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to build culture, focusing on the three core components of Winning Culture, i.e. Leadership Culture, High-performance Culture and High-trust Culture.
  • Practice: FranklinCovey’s consultants will work with organizations during this implementation phase to assist leaders and teams in applying what they have learned from the training workshops.
  • Reinforcement: Reinforcement activities are carried out to help participants to reflect on their implementation phase and consolidate the Wining Culture they have established.
  • Report: Reporting the results of the project.

Project Objectives

The "Winning Culture Building" consulting project with world-class solutions for building organizational culture will: 

Provide a comprehensive methodology and an excellent model for building your organizational culture;
Provide support during the transfering process and coaching throughout the journey of building winning culture.

Target Participants

Leaders and teams of any organizations who seek to build a solid foundation to help them implement strategies successfully

Delivery Options

This program can be delivered in the consulting project. Please contact us via email or tel: (028) 3837.0208.

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