Leadership Greatness

Challenge and Solution

Having “good” results might be enough for some leaders, however, “good” might be the “mediocre trap”. In such a constantly and upwardly changing world, “what got you here won’t get your there”. There has always been in the heart and mind of every great leader an aspiration to achieve results that are far better than “good”, urging them to seek new ideology, methodologies and strategies for reaching new highs.

As a world-leading organization specializing in leadership development, FranklinCovey has been working with thousands of leading organizations aiming to reach greatness. We have deeply analyzed operations of more than 500 corporations, 225,000 survey respondents, 2,000 project teams to understand building blocks of greatness, hindrances that pulling corporates behind, conditions to achieve greatness and roles of the leader in meeting such an objective.

Great organizations are not only aiming at numbers, but also at the four core imperatives:
(1) A great effectiveness that balances finance and non-finance factors, and long-term and short-term elements;
(2)  Loyal and engaged customers;
(3)  Engaged and dedicated employees;
(4) A distinctive contribution of an organization that aims to make a difference through its mission and uniqueness in creating values.

A leader’s job is to make heroes, not be one. A great leader is the one who can bring the whole team to greatness, and together, they bring the entire organization to greatness level.

In this particular knowledge working age, the greatest asset that one enterprise ever possesses is the potential and power of its human capital. Therefore, the “leveraging” role of a great leader has become more critical than ever before. To achieve and create such greatness, leaders must be equipped with a new mindset, skillset and toolset to lead their organizations for sustainable growth in this new era.

“Leadership: Great Leaders . Great Teams . Great Results” or in short, Leadership Greatness is offered by FranklinCovey asis a special leadership solution to help leaders and organization address this important need.

Leaders unleash talent and capability by carrying out the 4 Imperatives in a “whole person” way. They are sequential in that one builds upon another, and simultaneous—meaning that you must constantly pay attention to all four in order to sustain outstanding performance. Great leaders can be defined as having these 4 Imperatives: Inspire Trust, Clarify Purpose, Align Systems, Unleash Talent.

Introduction Video

Program Objectives

More than just a training event, "Leadership Greatness" takes a process-oriented approach to developing great leaders.

1. Inspire trust and improve personal influence
2. Clarify purposes, objectives, and jobs to be done and help employees understand and clarify their own purposes, objectives and jobs to be done
3. Align strategic links between team’s objectives and organizational strategic objectives
4. Align strategic links between team’s activities and organization’s business model
5. Develop and enhance four core systems: operations, talent management, core processes, and customer services


Leadership Greatness - Content

Great Leaders can be defined as having these 4 Imperatives:

  1. Imperative 1: Inspire Trust—to build credibility as a leader, so that people will trust you with their highest efforts.
  2. Imperative 2: Clarify Purpose—to define a clear and compelling purpose that people will want to offer their best to achieve.
  3. Imperative 3: Align Systems—to create systems of success that support the purpose and goals of the organization, enable people to do their best work, operate independently of you, and endure overtime.
  4. Imperative 4: Unleash Talent—to develop a winning team, where people’s unique talents are leveraged against clear performance expectations in a way that encourages responsibility and growth.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals who are seeking for a unique solution that can improve their leadership capabilities.
  • Senior leaders who are key to their company success.

The unique points

  1. FranklinCovey is the global leader in the areas of leadership development and strategy execution, and "Leadership Greatness" is a world-class and signature program specifically designed for senior leaders.
  2. More than just a training event, Leadership Greatness takes a process-oriented approach to developing great leaders. The process provides participants with a comprehensive framework with high-impact mind set, skill-set and tool-set for the leaders to become great. 
  3. FranklinCovey's model of great leadership includes four imperatives (1) Inspire Trust, (2) Clarify Purpose, (3) Align Systems, and (4) Unleash Talent.
  4. The program brings in the best thinking of well-known leadership experts such as Clayton Christensen (The Innovator’s Dilemma), Jim Collins (Build to Last, Good to Great, and Great by Choice), Jack Welch (former CEO of GE), Ram Charan (Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done), Fred Reichheld (The Ultimate Question), Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits, The 8th Habit, Principle-centered Leadership) and Stephen M. R. Covey (The Speed of Trust). 
  5. This flag-ship program has proven success results of more than 500,000 senior leaders in 164 countries.


Leadership Greatness - Process


Leadership Greatness - Prepare

LEADERSHIP QUOTIENT (LQ) SURVEY 1: Before the work sessions, participants will be provided a 360assessment and a self-assessment corresponding with the 4 imperatives of a great leader. The assessments help participant reflect their leadership competencies from multi-dimensional feedback, and have a map of development areas in hand for personal practice. Prework helps participants prepare for the experience, including defining a personal leadership challenge or opportunity they want to focus on.

Learn & Practice

Leadership Greatness - Learn and Practice

2-DAY WORK SECTION (8 hours/day) with:

1. FranklinCovey's model of great leadership - A rich and unique content based on the best thinking of well-known leadership experts.
2. Approximated 25 world-class videos capturing several best-practices of leaders around the worlds.
3. A “Leadership Contract” including essential tools and manuals for leaders.


  • LEADERSHIP CONTRACT (LeadershipContract.com): 6 activities in 6 months. A self-contract entails the participants to apply the tools and skills learning from the program to their real working environment as leaders.
  • REPORT OUT: a part of the action planning encourages the participant to report to their performance manager what they have learned and applied successfully 3 months after the program. 
  • (LQ) SURVEY 2 (6 months after the program): This follow-up assessment allows participants to quantify their improvement in leadership based on learning and implementation. The feedback also allows them to continue to make improvement.
Leadership Greatness - Apply

Client Sharings

Leadership Greatness - Pepsico

Leadership Greatness - Pepsico
Yoko Yamada,
Marketing Director, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam

"I enjoyed a lot, learned a lot, inspired a lot in pragmatic way, received similar training before but this was different which brings it to more daily jobs. Thank you so much."

Leadership Greatness - Đạm Cà Mau

Leadership Greatness - Đạm Cà Mau
Mr. Bui Minh Tien,
CEO PetroVietNam CaMau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company

"Through the practical experience of the program, I really enjoyed and learned a lot. I'm willing to recommend this program to others." 

Leadership Greatness - The EBS Group

Leadership Greatness - The EBS Group
Scott Jenkins,
CEO and Managing Partner, The EBS Group

“By investing in FranklinCovey’s training and consulting, we are choosing to invest in the people here at Enterprise Business Solutions. FranklinCovey’s solutions have enabled our employees to know, understand and focus on accomplishing our most important business goals and objectives by increasing the levels of trust and effectiveness within our organization.”

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