Helping Clients Succeed®
Qualifying Opportunities

Helping Clients Succeed® Qualifying Opportunities

How qualified are the opportunities in your pipeline?

Our experience with over 35,000 sales professionals all over the world—in large, medium, and small-sized companies—has revealed three predictable behaviors that most salespeople experience: 

  • First is their reluctance to stop pursuing weak opportunities because they’re afraid they won’t hit their quota. 

  • Next is their apparent rush to close the deal without taking the time to really understand their client’s needs. 

  • Finally, the third behavior is the salesperson’s inability to handle objections and pushbacks effectively. 

The results are often over-investing in the wrong people and opportunities, under-investing in the right opportunities, and leaving money on the table by failing to uncover the business issues their clients are really striving for. 

The good news is, these behaviors can be replaced with new and effective behaviors 

With FranklinCovey’s Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities, sales professionals learn how to widen their relationship footprint into larger and more strategic opportunities while focusing on the right deals and developing the mindsets and skillsets of top performers. 

The results are lower cost of sales, increased deal sizes, increased win rates, and delighted customers! 

Course Details

What makes a difference? 


In the Sales Leader Base Camp work session, FranklinCovey helps sales leaders be more successful and derive greater personal and professional satisfaction by helping them: 

  • Identify breakthrough potential in their teams. 

  • Coach to results using G.R.O.W.®, a proven performance improvement methodology. 

  • Focus on the important by following a simple and effective time management system. 

FranklinCovey assigns a seasoned sales coach to guide each sales leader—we coach the coach. Our sales guides help leaders implement proven processes within their teams and upgrade and model their own sales skills. This greatly leverages and accelerates the performance of the entire sales team. 

Move from learning to performance. 

  • For 12 weeks after training is completed, sales leaders receive weekly Leader Insights, with information and best practices to support them as they coach their teams to results. 

  • Post-training opportunity advancement sessions with a FranklinCovey sales guide accelerate deal progress and boost sales leaders’ deal-coaching expertise. 

  • Sales leaders whose teams have participated in FranklinCovey’s Helping Clients Succeed® sales training will coach them on their 12-Week Playbook to support and sustain new learning. 

Get started today! 

Become more successful at driving measurable growth by learning to identify breakthrough potential in your teams and coach to results. 

Reach out using your method of choice and we’ll put you in touch with a Sales Performance expert who will help find out if FranklinCovey’s Sales Leadership Base Camp solution would work for you and your sales organization. 

Target Participants 

Sales leaders, sales managers and salespeople who want to transform their sales approaches, strategies, and practices for superior results. 

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