Proactive Leadership

From the new era’s challenges in corporate management …

To successfully lead an organization in the Knowledge Economy and Digital Age is increasingly challenging. The unpredictable, risky and complex Fourth Industrial Revolution has substantially impacted corporate structures in both breadth and depth. This reality compels today’s leaders to develop new competencies to foresee, lead and create strategic changes in management and leadership approach in their organizations. 

Whether an organization can become successful and sustain its success depends first on the “proactive leadership” of its top leader and leadership team. That explains why every leader is searching for the solutions to the two dilemmas: 

  • What is the right leadership spirit which I should have in this era? 
  • How to spread out that spirit in my entire organization? 

To answer these two crucial questions, we need to find out the solutions to the two chronic challenges of today’s leaders: (1) They have not fully been aware of and able to unleash their own leadership talents. (2) They tend to control their team members instead of empowering their employees to lead themselves and maximize their potential. 

The underlying cause of these two chronic leadership challenges is the leader’s unawareness of the Whole-Person Paradigm to unleash the internal strength of each individual in their organization, which will result in a highly effective team. Accordingly, the leader must see the organization as an “ecosystem” rather than “machine” and individuals as a whole person with “Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit” rather than “a tool”. 

Especially in the context of the Knowledge Economy and Digital Age, the greatest asset of a business is not technology or finance but the potential and strength of teams, the role of the leader thus becomes clearer and more important than ever! 

The leaders of the 4.0 Era need to redefine the concept of leadership, rethink the leadership spirit, and be well-equipped with new models, mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to pioneer in creating an organization with the capacity ready to win. 

… To the “proactive leadership” solution

In this new era and with the new “Whole-person Paradigm”, the world is shifting to a new management approach, namely “Management by Self-management”, “Management by Culture” or “Management without Control”. And this new management approach is the future of management and the key solution to the chronic challenges of today's leaders. 

Taking the new situation into account and deeply beware of the “management trend of the future”, FranklinCovey - the world's leading organization in helping its partners achieve greatness and results - has designed the special training program “PROACTIVE LEADERHIP”. 

The purpose is to provide leaders with the “Proactive Leadership” model and a solution fully comprising Mindsets, Skillsets & Toolsets for them to know how to not only develop their own “proactive leadership” but also build it in their entire organization. 

Program Objectives

The solution aims to help organizational managers and leaders:

  • Gain insights into what Proactive Leadership is and how to become a Proactive Leader.
  • Develop a Culture of Proactive Leadership and Proactive Teams based on the Whole-Person Paradigm and the Core Proactive Practices.

Program Features 

Program Features 

The program includes the world’s latest and most essential leadership methodology in a one-day workshop. It also contains all of the five features of any FranklinCovey’s solution, known as: 

1. World-class 

The program meets global standards in terms of both contents and delivery methods, and its outcomes are globally proven. 

2. Transformational 

The program transforms participants by paradigm shift and 

inside-out approach. 

3. Sustainable 

The program is based on timeless principles and universal values. 

4. Integrated 

The program fully comprises the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to become a proactive leader. 

5. Performance-oriented 

Participants can achieve both immediate and sustainable results when they commit to applying the contents of the program 

Program Objectives 

The solution aims to help organizational managers and leaders: 

Gain insights into what Proactive Leadership is and how to become a Proactive Leader. 

Develop a Culture of Proactive Leadership and Proactive Teams based on the Whole-Person Paradigm and the Core Proactive Practices. 



  • Mediocre Leadership / Reactive Leadership: Identify two classic leadership mistakes:
    • They lead others before leading themselves
    • They control people instead of helping them lead themselves
  • Proactive  Leadership: Identify the methodology to transform yourself and your teams by shifting into two paradigms:

    • Lead Myself:

      • Carry Your Own Weather

      • I am the Creator of My Own Life

    • Help People Lead Themselves:

      • The Whole-Person (Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit).
      • Unleashing the “Whole-Person” towards the inspiring and worthwhile goals

Practice 1:
Pause before You Respond

  • Pause to allow yourself the freedom to choose your response to a stimulus based on principles and desired results.
  • Fully resume the reponsibility for your actions.

Practice 2: 
See Alternatives, not Roadblocks 

  • Consistently apply proactive language and resourcefulness and initiative (R&I) to break through barriers. 

  • Seek and leverage the hidden resources of which you have not ever thought. 

Practice 3:
Act on Circle of Influence 

  • Act on what you can influence instead of what you have little control over to create changes, consequently expanding your Circle of Influence.

Practice 4: 
Define Unique Contribution

  • Define the highest and the best contribution you want to make in your current role. 

Practice 5: 
Focus on Wildly Important Goals 

  • Narrow the focus on a few critical organizational goals 

  • Help their team members to set their Wildly Important Goals aligned with their organization’s top priorities to achieve execution excellence. 

Target Participants 

  • Top leaders and managers at all levels who want to update themselves and leadership team with the world’s essence of leadership, build selfmanagement competencies and a self-operating system for their organization. 

  • HR directors and managers who want to learn about a new leadership model to consult with their senior leaders in the selction of a leadership approach for the future to maximize their organization’s potential and achieve fast and sustainable growth.

Delivery Options

  • Public Workshop:  A special learning  experience  for  individuals  or  groups  from  different organizations. Workshops are offered on a fixed schedule and at a suitable venue by FranklinCovey Vietnam. 
  • In-house Workshop: Providing training for each organization based on FranklinCovey's standard program (Standard Program). Or providing tailored trainings based on the needs of your organization or department (Customized Program). 

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