"Normally, very few people pay attention to culture, but whenever there is a difficulty or a strong desire to break through, that is when culture will appear." (Dr. Gian Tu Trung).

For many businesses, the recent time has been really difficult. For some other businesses, all of the things happend for the past two years has been a strong motivation for them to reform and break through. At both these times, culture is what businesses look for.

This is an old-fashioned topic but never out of concerned, because as long as there are people, strategies, and development, culture is still necessary for businesses.  However, in countless cultural features, what are the cultures that are reliable, sustainable and strong enough not only to help businesses overcome difficulties but also to make strong breakthroughs?

Understanding the above concerns, FranklinCovey Vietnam want to accompany with business through the Webinar "Building High Performance Culture". At this webinar, we will together discuss and suggest new perspectives on cultural construction and development for individuals, leaders and organizations.



Topic Building High Performance Culture
Organizers  FranklinCovey Vietnam
Time 9:00 - 11:00, Saturday, April 16, 2022
Place Online via Zoom
Part 1. What causes the failure to build a culture?
Part 2.  Experience on creating effective culture
Part 3. Introduce about FranklinCovey's building High Performance Culture Solution
Part 4. Q&A
  • Mr. Vu Duc Tri Can – Solutions Director of FranklinCovey Vietnam
  • Mr. Dinh Viet Lan - Director of Cultural Development and Organizational Efficiency, ABA Cooltrans; PACE Institute of Management Solutions Specialist
  • People are working as HR Leaders and L&D Leaders in domestic and foreign businesses.
  • Business Leaders want to find a highly effective cultural perspective and solution for the team.
Fee  No attendance fee 
09:00 – 11:00
Saturday, April 16,2022